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$23.00 NZD

Enhances paint colour, repels dirt & grime, crystal clear results on paints, glass, alloy, chrome, stainless. Helps you keep your vehicle looking sharp with a freshly detailed look that lasts!

$28.75 NZD

The all new cutting polish to use in preparation for Trucker’s Pride Finishing Polish – your truck never looked so good!

$25.50 NZD

Polish for the interior of your vehicle. The same vehicle polishing power that goes into Trucker’s Pride Alloy Polish will have your dash and vinyl shining like new and smelling fantastic!

$28.75 NZD

The original Trucker’s Pride vehicle metal polish for alloy, copper, brass, bronze, chrome, stainless; Any metal will shine like new.

$57.50 NZD

Combo Consists of: 1 x  Truckers Pride Black Label Cut 375mls 1 x  Truckers Pride Finishing Polish  375mls

$98.90 NZD

A silicone-based tyre dressing to enhance and protect all automotive tyres with a natural sheen finish. Any vehicle looks better when the tyres have a Trucker’s Pride shine.

$67.40 NZD

Making it easy to remove tar splashes from your truck’s paintwork and metalwork!

$39.50 NZD

The ultimate Truck Washing liquid. Ideal for any sized vehicle.

The full Truckers Pride range is available from outlets throughout New Zealand or by ordering online. 

about truckers Pride products

Truckers Pride is a range of professional cleaning and polishing products designed for the interior, exterior and metal polishing of trucks and other vehicles.

If you take pride in your ride and want your vehicle looking good, you will love the results you get from our products.

Order online directly through us or stop in at one of our distributors nationwide.


Truckers Pride Product Range

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