About Truckers Pride

Blair Shearer has spent over 23 years in the trucking business. In all those years, Blair took real pride in both the way he drove, and how his truck looked. But there was a problem….

The Challenge

“I wanted my truck to look good. Not only does sparkling paintwork and chrome reflect well on you as a company or driver, it just feels better to be inside the cab when you know it looks great outside. Even though I tried every metal product on the market, I could never get an ultimate shine on the alloy wheels.”

The Solution

Unable to find an alloy or chrome polishing product that gave him the look he wanted, Blair made it a goal to develop his own.

Working in his basement at home, he set out to create the ultimate alloy and chrome polish for polishing truck wheels and exteriors.

By trial and error he researched and mixed various compounds until, in mid-2013, he had success; the best truck metal polishing compound you’ll ever find was born.

Blair named it Trucker’s Pride.

Truckers Pride Product Range


Since then, the story of Trucker’s Pride has grown, not only is Trucker’s Pride Alloy Finishing Polish now approved by all relevant market and trade groups, but new products have been developed and are now available from distributors nationwide.

Trucker’s Pride is also available in Australia via www.truckininstyle.com.au

And, of course, it’s not just for trucks, whatever vehicle you drive, it will look a whole lot better with a Trucker’s Pride shine.

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